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7920 Belt Line Rd
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75254

PO Box 833879
Richardson, TX 75083-3879

(972) 699-2770
(972) 699-2788 fax

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
   7am - 11am CST
   Noon - 4:30pm CST
   7:30am - Noon CST
Holiday Schedule


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Central Security Life is a great place to work. We have great people, great benefits, and great hours.

Great People

Central Security's greatest asset is its employees. With about 20 employees, Central Security still has a small-company feel to it. Everybody knows each other. We are a family-owned company where everybody feels like a part of the family. This is evidenced by the long-term service of our employees:

Years of Service

Percent of Staff









Great Benefits

CSLIC feels that we have the best benefit package available. We believe in taking care of our employees.

Our benefit package for salaried employees includes:

  • Term life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Bonuses
  • Generous paid holiday, paid time off (PTO), and catastrophic time off (CTO) package

Great Hours

CSLIC works a 38.5 hour work week with half-day Fridays, excluding holidays.


Employment Contacts

Please contact Donis Balfour, our Human Resources Director, for more information.

Agents, Brokers and Funeral Directors please contact our Director of Marketing, Ric Jernigan, for more information.

Note: Our primary employer is Central Security Life Insurance Company. CSLIC provides administrative services for Insmark and Western American Life Insurance Company (WALIC).


Job Postings

Customer Service/Claims

Seeking an experienced life insurance customer service or claims representative.   

Please contact Donis Balfour, our Human Resources Director, for more information.


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